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Beginner To Winner - Part 1

Imagine how you'd feel, driving to your local supermarket to be presented with a gleaming new car or all-inclusive travel package to exotic climes.

You're probably waiting for the catch. Unbelievable as it may seem, there isn't one.

You've probably seen pictures in your newspaper, of ordinary people presented with washing machines, mountain bikes or the latest model in home entertainment systems. Courtesy of competition wins.

You may be thinking: 'They're lucky'. Yet, you can be lucky too. All you need is winning know-how.

Every day there are thousands of pounds worth of competition prizes waiting to be won by someone like you. When you join the band of 'compers', as people who enter competitions are affectionately called, you'll discover a prize-winning trail to big competition prizes, and a challenging, exciting and fun pastime for all your family.

A word of warning though. Once you experience the thrill of opening letters like this one, your morning post will never be the same again.

'Congratulations, you have won a fantastic holiday on the island of Margarita. Your prize includes flights, full board accommodation, all local drinks and travel insurance.'

Be in it to win it. The only competition you have no chance of winning is the one you don't enter.

To join the prize winning trail, you need to know where to find the best competitions, your chances of success and more importantly, how you can shorten the odds to improve your 'luck'.

Before I share a few secrets of success with you, let me tell you an interesting true story, which illustrates how Lady Luck plays a part in winning competitions.

My friend was shopping in her local supermarket, when she noticed some tiny forms tucked down by the side of the check out till in her local store. Reading the competition entry form, all she had to do was complete her details and pop into the in-store box. Simple enough task. But where was the box?

Finding it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Once. Twice. Three times she toured the aisles. She asked an assistant. Eventually, the box was located on top of a high shelf.

Donning basketball player skills, she retrieved the box and noted there were about nine other entries in there. Obviously another nine 'would-be winners' like herself. She dropped her form in the box.

The next day the store manager phoned. 'Do you remember entering our competition?'

'Yes', she tentatively replied.

'Well I'm delighted to tell you, you've won first prize. A fantastic holiday for you and your family, cruising down the Nile'.

Now the interesting thing about this story is that there was a holiday to be won every day for ten days. By the tenth day, the prize box was located at the front entrance to the store, where you couldn't possibly miss it - and there were literally thousands of entries in there.

Consider for a moment. Day one, ten entries. Chance of success, ten to one. Day ten, thousands of entries. Chance of success, several thousand to one.

Win-teresting, isn't it?

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© Copyright 2003  Lynne Suzanne
Lynne Suzanne is a consultant, freelance writer, speaker and author of Intaslogans, Pun-ch Lines! and  Win Your Fortune in Prizes.
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