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Make Mine a Large!

I can’t get enough of magazines aimed towards women.  The headlines of ‘How to keep your man satisfied’ and ‘How to know if your man is cheating’ scream at me from the newsstand.

I grow quite faint when I think of how much money I spend every month in my quest to be the ideal mate, perfect sex goddess and gourmet chef (every article I read teaches me that the way to his heart is through his stomach).

After absorbing this constant flow of knowledge I am becoming quite the expert on relationships and I am proud to say that I practice quite a few of the tips I have been taught on the glossy pages of these women’s ‘bibles’.

I never ask him if a dress makes me look fat, I never complain when he wants a night out with the guys and I never ever order just a salad and a glass of water in a restaurant.

It is on that last point that I would like to focus.

Everything we read tells us that men do not like a woman who nibbles on a lettuce leaf like a rabbit and if truth be told, the women that do that only end up raiding the refrigerator the minute they get home.

Now I have never suffered from ‘under-order-itus’.  Even if I am splitting at the seams I will still order the biggest, gooiest, most sinful dessert on the menu.  It would be rude not to wouldn’t it?

In fact the predicament I have is that in my relationship there is a total role reversal.  I am the one who chooses a burger with all the trimmings and my husband will order a grilled chicken salad.  My dessert will be the biggest Ice cream sundae in the house; he will have fruit.  He’s not even on a diet; he just likes to eat healthy.  I have to admit that it is a little embarrassing when the waiter carries over two plates of food and automatically places the enormous steak and fries in front of him and the steamed fish at my place.

Friends complain that the man in their life will sabotage their diet efforts by buying them chocolate.  I am guilty of doing that to my husband’s healthy eating regime. The saying is that misery loves company and it is my belief that gluttony does too!   When I want to eat an entire box of chocolates I prefer to have a partner in crime.  Unfortunately he has more willpower than I give him credit for.

I guess I will have to keep my eyes peeled for that article titled ‘Piggy women and the men that love them’.

Karen Town is a trainee psychotherapist and co-founder and Editor of Why Men Are Online Magazine, an online magazine for women. She lives in the UK with her husband, four daughters and two cats.

©Karen Town. Why Men Are

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